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    The Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure (DTC&I) is responsible for the delivery of national infrastructure projects. All infrastructure projects require defined project management processes from scope definition through funds release, design and construction to successful completion. The Program Management Unit (PMU) being part of the DTC&I, has the responsibility to provide overall coordination of amended compact matters for FSM’s Compact Management Division. The PMU has a strong program oversight and will ensure that standards are developed and shared, subsequent design and construction contracts are consistent with appropriate risk management and will provide peer review expertise as required.

    As outlined in the National Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP), the PMU has been restructured to focus on program management and is accountable for project management, from initial planning through design to construction completion. The National Government, through the PMU, is responsible for program management systems, training of national and state personnel in these systems, review of project documentation to ensure compliance with funding agency requirements, preparation of consolidated annual FSM program reviews, as well as program management implementation assistance to the States as required. The establishment of the PMU along with the updated annual infrastructure plan is aimed at smoothing the FSM-US infrastructure relationship and ensure that all projects are implemented in a timely manner.

    The PMU has engineering expertise and technical administration resource to collect and collate engineering and contractual data for use across the four states of the FSM. Download the chart as png (841 kb)

    PMU Organizational Chart