Welcome to the homebase of the Division of Civil Aviation (DCA), responsible for the Administration of Aviation programs and activities in the F.S.M., including the management of the nation's airspace, airports, and airfields. DCA is a branch of the Department of Transportation, Communication & Infrastructure of the F.S.M. government.

About the Federated States of Micronesia (F.S.M.)

The F.S.M. is a nation of more than 600 islands with a cumulative land area a quarter of the size of the state of Rhode Island spread out across a million square miles of ocean--as large as one-third of the continental United States. Although most of the 100,000 inhabitants of the F.S.M. are referred to as Micronesians, each island group has a distinct culture, language, and history.


The F.S.M. is divided into four states--Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, and Yap. Yap is known for its thriving traditional culture, seafaring people, and giant stone money. Chuuk is revered among SCUBA divers from around the world, who come to Truk Lagoon to explore the fleet of sunken Japanese warships that lies under its turquoise waters. Pohnpei is the lush, mysterious garden island, a paradise of mountains, rivers, and waterfalls, and more recently, one of the top surfing destinations on earth. Kosrae prides itself on its quiet, peaceful atmosphere, pristine reefs and beaches, and warm inclusiveness.


Currently the F.S.M. is served by four international airports and nine civil airfields.


Regulation Revisions, Directives & Bulletins

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Date Summary

There are no regulation revisions at this time.

Date Area Summary
2012.05.09 FSM

This Directive supersedes Directive 021411-01. All U.S incoming military aircrafts and personnel are subject to the Status of Forces Agreement, Article III, of the Compact of Free Association, as amended.

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2011.02.14 FSM

Failure of any aircraft operator to complete and submit all mandatory documents as required by the FSM Division of Civil Aviation will result in denial of the flight request and/or subsequent penalties.

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2010.05.05 Pohnpei

Helicopters are not permitted to fly over land or any areas south of Pohnpei International Airport.

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Date Area Summary
2011.01.24 FSM

All construction personnel along with the tools listed below shall be recorded in a log sheet by airport security personnel at the designated entry point before being allowed access to restricted areas of FSM airports.

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2010.12.27 FSM

This directive is to advise all Air Carriers that all checked-in baggage is required to undergo physical inspection or pass through X-ray machines.

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Date Summary

Note that an error was made in the French version of the corrective action section in the previous directive.

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CF-2011-44 Main Rotor Blade defect, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, Models 206L, L-1, L-3, and L-4 helicopters.

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Date Area Summary
2015.10.13 FSM

TRANSPORT OF LITHIUM BATTERIES AS CARGO BY AIR: This is to inform all FSM Airports, Air Service and Cargo Providers, FSM Post Offices and relevant cargo service providers of a recent ICAO Electronic Bulletin (EB2015/48) regarding US FAA's lithium battery test results which suggests a fire....

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2012.08.16 FSM

Request for Proposal: Civil Aviation Consultant.

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